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INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict in Georgia (Abkhazia & South Ossetia)

Compiled by Ekaterina Borissova (September 2006)


Inclusion in this guide does not imply an endorsement by INCORE of the views expressed in any of these sources. If you have a complaint about this guide or believe that we have omitted a relevant source please read our information about the guides before writing to us. You may find that this will answer some of your questions. This includes a warning about the type of information included in the guide, information about our 'criteria for inclusion' in the guides and about our 'updating and additions policy'.


Perry-Casta?eda Map Library
Ethnolinguistic groups in the Caucasus region
http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/commonwealth/ethnocaucasus.jpg (1511)

Administrative division of Georgia
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fe/Georgia.geohive.gif (1512)

A map of Abkhazia.
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/67/Abkhazia_detail_map.png (1513)

World Atlas.
Detailed map of Abkhazia
http://encarta.msn.com/map_701509822/Abkhazia.html (1514)

Detailed map of South Ossetia
http://upload.wikimedia.org ........ (1515)

News Sources - Email Lists

The Georgian Times.
Information in all aspects of Georgia (politics, economics, culture, sport)
http://www.geotimes.ge/ (1516)

Svobodnaya Gruzia (Independent Georgia).
One of the oldest newspapers in Georgia. In Russian.
http://www.svobodnaya-gruzia.com/ (1517)

Georgia today.
Georgia’s leading independent English-language newspaper, published weekly since 2000.
http://www.georgiatoday.ge/index.php (1518)

Prime news.
News agency. Provides information on politics, business and economy, international relation and security.
http://eng.primenewsonline.com/ (1519)

Tbilisi-based weekly online magazine. It was created in October 2004 by European and South-Caucasian journalists, thus breathing life into the first European media covering the South Caucasus.
http://www.caucaz.com/home_eng/Armenia_Georgia_Azerbaijan.php?pays=5 (1520)

Georgia news from EINnews
Georgia news from EINnews
http://www.einnews.com/georgia/ (1521)

Abkhazia.com. .
News from Abkhazia in Russian
http://www.abhazia.com/ (1522)

Civil Georgia.
Online magazine. Politic and economic news.
http://www.civil.ge/eng/ (1523)

South Ossetia.
Republican political newspaper (in Russian).
http://ugo-osetia.ru/index.html (1524)

International Caucasian Forum
http://www.kavkazweb.net/english/viewforum.php?f=22& (1525)

National and Local Governmental Institutions and Agencies

Official site of the President of Georgia.
Information on governmental structure, activities, etc.
http://www.president.gov.ge/?l=E&m=0 (1526)

Site of the Parliament of Georgia.
Site of the Parliament of Georgia.
http://www.parliament.ge/index.php?lang_id=ENG&sec_id=1 (1527)

Sites on Abkhazia
Including information on government, Parliament, etc.
http://www.abkhazia.org/ (1528)

International Multilateral Organisations (IOs)

OSCE mission to Georgia
http://www.osce.org/georgia/ (1529)

European Union.
Information on the EU’s relations with Georgia
http://ec.europa.eu/comm/external_relations/georgia/intro/index.htm (1530)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
Information on UNHCR operations in Georgia, statistics on refugees, analyses of situation with refugees
http://www.unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/country?iso=geo (1531)

United Nations
United Nations Development Programme in Georgia.
http://www.undp.org.ge/ (1532)

International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

World Bank.
Information on WB projects in Georgia, statistics, reports.
http://web.worldbank.org ........ (1533)

International Monetary Fund.
IMF activity in Georgia.
http://www.imf.org/external/country/GEO/index.htm (1534)

International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGOs), Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

International Alert in the Caucasus.
Information on the peace-building projects run by IA
http://www.international-alert.org ........ (1535)

International Crises Group.
Reports, articles, speeches and media releases on Georgian conflicts.
http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=1250&l=1 (1536)

London Information Network on Conflict and State-building.
LINKS is a British non governmental organisation, based in London , working for the peaceful resolution and prevention of conflicts and in support of democracy and sustainable development in societies in transition.
http://www.links-london.org/current_georgia.htm (1537)

Conciliation Resources.
CR is an independent non-governmental organization working to prevent violence, promote justice and transform conflict into opportunities for development. CR runs several projects in Caucasus.
http://www.c-r.org/our-work/caucasus/index.php (1538)

European Centre for Minority Issues – Georgia.
Information on “Defusing inter-ethnic tension and promoting regional integration” & “Between Integration and Resettlement: The Meskhetians”.
http://www.ecmigeorgia.org/index.html (1539)

IWPR: Institute for War and Peace reporting.
IWPR Caucasus Programme: Regional Dialogue & Governance Reporting This programme works with print journalists in the North and South Caucasus to raise professional standards, heighten awareness of human rights, corruption and governance, and improve communication within a region divided by conflict and misunderstanding.
http://www.iwpr.net/ (1540)

Human Rights Watch.
Two reports concerning Abkhazia: “Abkhazia: Landmine Monitor Report 2000” & “Georgia/Abkhazia: Violations of the Laws of War and Russia's Role in the Conflict”
http://hrw.org/doc/?t=europe&c=abkhaz (1541)

Danish Association for Research on the Caucasus.
Site contains publications on post-Soviet conflicts, including on South Ossetia conflict.
http://www.caucasus.dk/publications.htm (1542)

Caucasus Foundation.
Turkish NGO focused on preserving and fostering socio-cultural relations of the Caucasians living at diasporas or at Caucasus. Contains information on conflicts on Caucasus.
http://www.kafkas.org.tr/english/hakkinda/index.html (1543)

Local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations, Research Institutes, Non-State Actors

The Caucasus Institute for Peace,
Democracy and Development. A think tank in Tbilisi offering commentary on social and political issues in Georgia.
http://www.cipdd.org/en/aboutm.shtml (1544)

Cultural humanitarian fund
Cultural humanitarian fund “SUKHUMI” (women NGO)
http://www.fundsokhumi.ge/en/?pg=news (1545)

International centre on conflict and negotiations.
An independent conflict resolution centre in Georgia.
http://www.iccn.ge/ (1546)

Articles, Papers, Reports, Agreements

Protocol. IX session on the coordinating council of Abkhaz and Georgian sides,
Protocol. IX session on the coordinating council of Abkhaz and Georgian sides, 18-19.09.2000
http://www.abkhazia-georgia.parliament.ge/Prot&Agreements/januray_2000.htm (1547)

Agreements on problems of Abkhazia between Russia and Georgia
Agreements on problems of Abkhazia between Russia and Georgia
http://www.abkhazia-georgia.parliament.ge/Prot&Agreements/russia_georgia.html (1548)

Protocol. The Sukhumi Meeting between the Georgian and Abkhaz Sides
Protocol. The Sukhumi Meeting between the Georgian and Abkhaz Sides on the Implementation of the Protocol of 24 September 1998 and Other Measures Aimed at Stabilization of the Situation in the Zones of Security and Limited Weaponry.
http://www.abkhazia-georgia.parliament.ge ........ (1549)

Protocol . The 10th session of the coordinating council of Abkhazia and Georgian sides. 11.07.2000.
http://www.abkhazia-georgia.parliament.ge ........ (1550)

Declaration on measures for a political settlement of the Georgian/Abkhaz conflict signed on 4 April 1994
http://www.usip.org/library/pa/georgia/georgia_declar_19940504.html (1551)

Cease-fire Agreement
Agreement on a Cease-Fire and Separation of Forces,
signed in Moscow on 14 May 1994
http://www.usip.org/library/pa/georgia/georgia_19940514.html (1552)

Proposal for the Establishment of a Coordinating Commission
Proposal for the Establishment of a Coordinating Commission,
signed in Moscow on 11 May 1994.
http://www.usip.org/library/pa/georgia/georgia_19940511.html (1553)

Quadripartite agreement
Quadripartite agreement on voluntary return of refugees
and displaced persons signed on 4 April 1994.
http://www.usip.org/library/pa/georgia/georgia_quad_19940504.html (1554)

Ghia Nodia “Causes and visions of conflict in Abkhazia”.
Ghia Nodia “Causes and visions of conflict in Abkhazia”. This paper analyzes the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict from the perspective of four major players (the Georgians, the Abkhaz, the Russians, and the West). It also explains the formation of the Georgian and Abkhaz national projects. It concludes with options for a possible settlement.
http://repositories.cdlib.org ........ (1555)

Conflict in Abkhazia from Georgian point of view.
Conflict in Abkhazia from Georgian point of view.
http://www.abkhazia-georgia.parliament.ge/ (1556)

Journal “Accord”
Journal “Accord” (issued by Conciliation Resources). The Georgia-Abkhazia peace process
http://www.c-r.org/our-work/accord/georgia-abkhazia/contents.php (1557)

Ethnic conflicts and media.
Ethnic conflicts and media. Site contains analysis of the mass media role in regional conflicts.
http://conflicts.aznet.org/conflicts/eng/abkhazia.htm (1558)

Russian peacekeeper.
Web-site about Russian peacekeeping experience, news and analytics on conflicts, including Abkhazian conflict (in Russian).
http://www.peacekeeper.ru/index.php?reg=1 (1559)

George Khutsishvili "Ethnicity and Democracy in Georgia: Rivals or Allies?
A Historical Perspective"
http://www.transcend.org/ (1560)

Frozen conflicts of former Soviet Union
“The hazards of a long, hard freeze” (about frozen conflicts of former Soviet Union)
http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displayStory.cfm?story_id=3110979 (1561)

Republic of South Ossetia
Information on culture, history, conflict
http://southosetia.euro.ru/en.html (1562)

Site about Ossetia (both South and North).
Information on politics, history, economics, traditions. Also information on Beslan
http://ossetia.ru/ (1563)

Peace plan for South Ossetia from the USA
Peace plan for South Ossetia from the USA
http://www.voanews.com ........ (1564)

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