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The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

1998, Vol. 1 No. 1 .

Democracy's Victory and Crisis
Edited by Axel Hadenius

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)
431pp. Index. 55.00; ISBN 0-521-57311-4.
Pb.: 19.95; ISBN 0-521-57583-4.

This book can be recommended on the strength its bibliography alone; it lists well over five hundred sources on the international aspects of ethnic conflict. Wars in the Midst of Peace is an edited volume with twelve contributions covering a range of issues connected with the interface between ethnic conflict and international politics. There are chapters on the relationship between ethnic conflict and international relations theory, the viability of secessionist movements in the modern international political system and the systemic aspects of the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia. Along the way, however, the reader is treated to much broader discussions which tackle the issues at the heart of the contemporary study of ethnic conflict. For example, the nature of ethnicity, the character of ethnic conflict, the triggers for such conflicts and how they may be best managed, are all raised. This book will act as a bench-mark for other authors who want to examine the international aspects of ethnic conflict. It is to be recommended. This reviewer has one personal gripe; namely the tendency, common in American political science, to concentrate on the validity of the data-set than some of the very real political conflicts which characterise ethnic conflict.

Roger Mac Ginty, INCORE, University of Ulster

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