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The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

1998, Vol. 1 No. 1 .

Network on Ethnological Monitoring and Early Warning of Conflict-Ethnic Conflict Management in the Former Soviet Union
Bulletin February 1997.

The February 1997 Bulletin opens with a summary report of the successful INCORE- hosted Network annual seminar in 1996. The first of the three main pieces is Valery Tishkovs argument both for broad participation by individuals of many ethnic groups and for empowerment of local communities in the political processes within Russia. Arthur Martirosyan then comments on the Chechen presidential elections and the impact of Maskhadovs legitimacy on relations with Russia and Conflict Management Group plans for conflict resolution work there. In the third piece Nurbulat Masanov presents a clear comparison of the post-Soviet transitions and leadership differences in Kazakstan and Uzbekistan, focusing on difficulties of economic policy and transition in Kazakstan.

The regional reports section of the bulletin provides short reviews by local Network representatives of specific aspects of the ethnopolitical situations in Abkhazia, Latvia, Buryatia, Dagestan, Krasnodar, and Tajikistan. In sum, the Bulletin provides several in depth analyses of larger conflict trends and documents local perspectives on specific developments in other ethnic conflicts in the Former Soviet Union.

Susan Allen Nan, George Mason University

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