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Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

Information for Reviewers

All reviewers will be a sent a copy of the book they select for review. The reviewer is then responsible for completing the review within an agreed deadline.

The review should include:

  1. The author name and title of the piece reviewed at the top;
  2. A brief description of the contents of the piece under review;
  3. A summary of any argument or contribution to theory;
  4. If the works is not specifically on ethnic conflict, it may be useful to concentrate on those parts that relate to it;
  5. The name and the position of the reviewer should be placed at the end of the review; and
  6. Please be as critical or innovative as you like in your review.


  1. The review should be no more than 400-500 words in length;
  2. If you quote from the work under review, please cite the page number; and
  3. If you refer to another work reference this using the APA system.

When completed send the review by e-mail to ecrd@incore.ulst.ac.uk.

The preferred format is anything in Microsoft genre or even pasting the review into an email is acceptable.

The Digest works to a tight deadline so a compliance with the deadline would be appreciated. Deadlines will be sent when the book is sent out to the reviewer.

To become a Reviewer

To become a reviewer for the ECRD, visit the "Reviewer registration page" page.

Listing of Books for Review

To see what books are currently available for review, visit the "Books for review" page.

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