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Masters Professional Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Ibadan

Associated Staff

    • Professor J.A. Adekanye, BSc (Ibadan), MA, PhD (Bran.)
      Civil-Militray Relations, Defense and Strategic Studies;

    • Professor J.A.A. Ayoade, BA, PhD (Ibadan)
      Federalism, Ethnic Politics, State and Religion;

    • Professor E.A.Gboyega, BA (Ghana), PhD (Ibadan)
      Local Governemnt and Urban Studies;

    • Professor K.J.O. Otite, BA (Nigeria), PhD (London)
      Ethnicity and Social Change;

    • Professor J.D. Ojo, PhD (London)
      Constitutional Law;

    • Professor J.K. Egunjobi, BSc (London), PhD (Wellington)

    • Professor M.E. Aken Ova, BSc (London), PhD (Ibadan)
      Environmental Conflict;

    • Professor Kunle Adeniran, BA, MA (Leeds), PhD (Ibadan)
      Socio Linguistics;

    • Dr. F.O. Adisa, BSc, PhD (Ibadan), MSc (Ife), PhD (London)
      Stragtegic Studies;

    • Dr. S.A. Amuwo, BSc, MSc, PhD (Ibadan), (Chic.), (Bordeaux)
      Comparative Public Administration;

    • Dr. B. Okunade, BSC, MSC, PhD (London), LLM (Essex)
      Public Administration, Human Rights Law;

    • Dr. E.E. Osaghae, BSc, MSc, PhD (Ibadan)
      Ethnicity, Federalism, and the State;

    • Dr. O.B.C. Nwolise, BSc (Nsukka), MSc, PhD (Ibadan)
      Defence and Social Statistics;

    • Dr. A.A.B. Agbaje, BSc (Ibadan), MSc (Lagos), PhD (Ibadan)
      Comparative Politics; Political Economy; Communication;

    • Dr. R.B. Suberu, BSc, MSC, PhD (Ibadan)
      Comparative Politics, Political Institutions;

    • Dr. J.O. Adesina, BSc, MILR (Ibadan), PhD (Warwick)
      Industrial Relations;

    • Dr. A.U. Iwara, BA (Ibadan), MA (Sorbonene), MPhil (London), PhD (London)

    • Dr. I.O. Albert, BA, MA, PhD (Ibadan)
      Urban History, Ethnic Conflicts, Urban Violence and Conflict Management;
    • Dr. O.B. Olaoba, BA, MA, PhD (Ibadan)
      African Approaches to Conflict Resolution;
    • Dr. Demola Yakubu, PhD (OAU)
      Conflict of Laws;

    • Dr. M.A.L Omole, Bed, MPhil, PhD (Ibadan)
      Industrial Conflict Management;

    • Dr. Bola Udegbe, Bed (Benin), MSc, PhD (Ibadan)
      Psychology and Women's Studies;

    • Dr. Dare Oguntomisin, BA, PhD (Ibadan)
      Histoy of Yoruba Wars and Peace making;

    • Dr. Laray Denzer, BA (Legon), PhD (Birmingham)
      History and Women's Studies;

    • Dr. G.A. Akinola, BA (London), MA (Legon), PhD (Ibadan)
      Problems of Nation Building in Africa;
    • Dr. O.C.Adesina, BA, MA, PhD (Ibadan)
      Economic History;

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