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Masters Professional Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Ibadan

Aims and Objectives

The search for peace has been a perennial task in human history. This challenge has become more urgent since the end of the Cold War between the West and the East. The Ibadan Peace and Conflict Programme is expected to be a bold and major African contribution to global peace efforts. The programme aims at providing students, drawn from Nigeria, Africa, and other parts of the world, with a practical understanding of the issues of peace and conflict in the modern world with particular reference to Africa based on the perspectives of a range of academic disciplines. The focus of the programmes is on how to produce peaceful outcomes from conflict situations.

It is hoped that on completing the MSc. Course, students should have

1. Gained an understanding of differing approaches to the analysis of conflict:

2. Secured a knowledge of the sources and processes of conflict in a wide range of situations;

3. Become familiar with the major modes of conflict management;

4. Acquired a deepened understanding of the specific contexts in which conflicts can arise, either at state, societal, organisational, or ecological levels;

5. Widened their ability to evaluate and analyse evidence and, widened their ability to understand and apply concepts in conflict studies and be able to communicate their findings clearly and effectively.

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