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Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland: New Trends, Opportunities & Challenges


Update: March 2008

INCORE and the Community Foundation have updated their Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

In response to recent controversy surrounding the appointment of four Victims' Commissioners in January 2008 (widely interpreted as a political solution to the inability of the First and Deputy First Minister to agree on a single candidate) and the launch of an independent consultative group chaired by Lord Eames and Denis Bradley to seek a consensus on the best way to 'deal with the past' (generating heated debate regarding the possibility of an amnesty and the definition of the Troubles as a 'war') a major new section on 'dealing with the past' has been added to the guide. This includes links and abstracts to 26 publications including:

We have also updated the following sections of the guide: Review of Public Administration, Role of Women in Transformation, Security Sector Reform and Policing, Culture of Violence, Flags, Emblems and Parading, and Crisis in Loyalism/Unionism. To view these sections simply click on the links above or choose from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland homepage.

Just a few examples of the new sources added to these sections include:

  • Hamilton, Michael, Neil Jarman and Dominic Bryan. “Parades, Protests and Policing: A Human Rights Framework.” Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, March 2001. 
  • Darby, John. Intimidation and the Control of Conflict in Northern Ireland (1986)   
  • Ward, Margaret. “Gender in Transition? Social and Political Transformation in Northern Ireland” Democratic Dialogue, Nov. 2001.

Thank you for your continued interest in INCORE/Community Foundation's Guide to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. We look forward to updating you on a regular basis as we continue to expand this online resource.

We welcome all of your suggestions and feedback. Please contact: h.lewis@ulster.ac.uk


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