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AGENDA ITEM II.5: OTHER PENDING ISSUES Timetable of actions under the lusaka protocol

1. D DAY

  • Initialling of the Lusaka Protocol
  • Statements by the Government of the Republic of Angola and Leadership of UNITA on the importance and significance of pardon and amnesty.
  • Launching of the awareness campaign to sensitize Angolan and international public opinion, to promote the spirit of tolerance, coexistence and trust in Angolan society.

2. D + 10

  • Meeting of the General Staffs of the FAA and of the UNITA military forces, under United Nations auspices and in the presence of the observer States, to establish the technical modalities for the cessation of hostilities "in situ."
  • Establishment of the timetable and determination of the quartering areas for the Rapid Reaction Police by the United Nations and the Government, in the presence of UNITA and the representatives of the observer States.
  • Formalization of participation by UNITA members in the National Police and in the Rapid Reaction Police.

3. Before D + 15

  • Promulgation of the Law of Amnesty.
  • Definition of the modalities implementing the annex relating to the special security arrangements guaranteed for the leaders of UNITA, and of special cases considered as such, by the Government and UNITA.

4. D + 5

  • Formal signature of the Lusaka Protocol by the Government of the Republic of Angola and UNITA and commencement of its implementation.
  • Public statements by the Government and UNITA on the reestablished ceasefire.
  • Taking of office and assumption of duty of the members of the Joint Commission.

5. From D + 17

  • Coming into force of the reestablished ceasefire.
  • Strict compliance with the legislation in force and the relevant provisions of the Bicesse Accords and the Lusaka Protocol (General principle no. 3 of National Reconciliation).
  • All actions prescribed in the annex relating to Military Issues I of the Lusaka Protocol. (Timetable of the modalities of the bilateral ceasefire, Phase I).
  • Installation of the Joint Commission in Luanda.
  • Formalization by the Government of Angola
  • Professional training for personnel selected for incorporation into the National Police, including all personnel selected for the Rapid Reaction Police.
  • Certification by the United Nations that conditions have been fulfilled for the normalization of the State administration.
  • Normalization of the State administration.
  • Government of Angola takes over the management of State property.
  • Allocation to UNITA of adequate facilities of the use of the party and appropriate residences for its leaders, on the basis of availability.
  • Participation by UNITA members in the various levels of State administration, in accordance with the agreement reached under the terms of article 10 of the specific principles of National Reconciliation.
  • Participation by UNITA members in the central, provincial and local government, in the diplomatic missions abroad, in the National Assembly and in the senior ranks of the National Police, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 8 of the modalit ies of National Reconciliation.
  • In any of these cases, if the requisite conditions are certified as fulfilled for the purpose, implementation of the preceding provisions of the present item of the modalities of National Reconciliation shall be brought forward through agreement betwe en the Government and UNITA.

8. D + 270

  • Completion of the transformation of the status of VORGAN.

9. From D + 455

  • Final verification by the United Nations of compliance with the provisions of the Lusaka Protocol relating to the completion of the process of the formation of the Angolan Armed Forces and demobilization of excess personnel.
  • Conclusion of the professional training of the demobilized personnel of the UNITA military forces and their incorporation into the National Police, including the Rapid Reaction Police.
  • Statement by the United Nations that all requisite conditions have been fulfilled for the holding of the second round of the presidential elections.

10. Holding of the second round of the presidential elections, within the period determined by the National Assembly and investiture of the President elect of the Republic.


  1. The detailed timetable as well as the details of the tasks to be accomplished will be established by the Joint Commission.
  2. No task shall be initiated until the previous one has been concluded.
  3. Where conditions so permit, the timescales in the present timetable can be brought forward by agreement between the Government and UNITA.

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