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Politicians Seminar at Stormont – Politicians and Community Relations
June 23 2004

On June 23 2004, MLA’s and District Councillors will participate in an INCORE Seminar as part of the ongoing Politicians and Community Relations project.

This seminar will present the preliminary findings of research conducted via surveys of MLAs and district councillors and interviews with politicians. This seminar is part of the ongoing research process for this project which will culminate in a final report to be published later this year, and a major international conference on community relations and politics to be held in September.

This seminar will operate under Chatham House rules and is restricted to MLAs and District Councillors. No press or other parties have been invited.

The aim of this project is to build up a comprehensive picture of the views of public representatives on community relations and on the role of politicians in the addressing of this issue. Before we conclude our series of interviews and move to the report-writing phase of the project, we would like to inform you of our research and receive your feedback.

INCORE’s report on Politicians and Community Relations will be published and widely disseminated in the autumn of this year. It is anticipated that this report and our September 2004 conference on the subject will stimulate debate and be of wide public and media interest.

INCORE is grateful for the use of the Long Gallery in Stormont for this event.

INCORE offers special thanks to Mark Durkan MLA and William Hay MLA for their sponsorship of this event.


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