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LILP: Peace-Building – ‘Breaking the Log-Jam’

Held at Parliament Buildings in Stormont, this conference brought together many of Northern Ireland’s key political leaders – including Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) leader David Trimble MP MLA and Social, Democratic and Labour Party Leader (SDLP) Mark Durkan.

Together with leading representatives of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Sinn Féin, the Women’s Coalition and others, politicians interacted with academics, community representatives and business leaders in an attempt to overcome the breakdown in political progress prevalent at the time.

The conference at Parliament came at a time when the political parties were under intense pressure to enable new elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly to be held, nearly a year after the institutions of devolved government were suspended. These elections were held in November 2003 – though the results have led to another log-jam, despite the success in overcoming the problems preventing elections being held.

Conference organizer Dr Billy Leonard – then Project Co-ordinator of INCORE/LILP said:

“This is a genuine attempt by INCORE to make a contribution to the overall process".

The conference presented an opportunity for the political leaders to outline their current thinking and how they see the political process evolving. It also gave them the opportunity to hear how a wide – and influential - cross section of the Northern Ireland community views the present impasse and what people outside of politics want to see happening. We have designed the conference specifically to ensure that there is a cross-fertilisation of ideas and not just a political platform with a passive audience.

The University of Ulster and INCORE would like to express thanks to David Trimble and Mark Durkan for their invitation to use the Long Gallery for the event.

To read the report from the ‘Breaking the Log-Jam Conference’ click here.

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