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Multiculturalism and Diversity

LILP held a workshop on its Multiculturalism stream on 21st June 2001, in the Holiday Inn Express, University Street, Belfast.

The question of multiculturalism and diversity was identified as one of particular importance in post-conflict Northern Ireland, both in terms of practitioners and policy makers. To this end the workshop adopted a twofold structure:

The stream also facilitated an exchange visit to Ottawa to consider the Canadian model of multiculturalism.

An Occasional Paper has been produced as a result of this thematic stream. It is entitled Multiculturalism and Diversity, by Cheyanne Church and Anna Visser.

Multiculturalism - National Approaches and Strategies

Panellists included:

      • Mr. Godburdhun, High Commissioner, Mauritius High Commission, London
      • Marie-Josee La fleur, Canadian Heritage, Ottawa

    The most urgent societal and political challenge of today is the constructive management of diversity. A number of states such as Canada and Mauritius have long been implementing such policies, to ensure that all citizens can keep their identities, take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging. Multiculturalists argue that this approach is beneficial to the society as a whole not just in terms of culture, but also for social cohesion, economic prosperity and human security. For an outline of the major challenges and questions that arose during the LILP stream please see the Multiculturalism and Diversity Occasional Paper

Multiculturalism - Thematic Approaches

Panellists included:

  • Laurie Johnson, Hoffstre University, USA and Queen's University, Belfast
  • Anna Watson, Chinese Welfare Association, Belfast
  • Philip Watt, Consultative Committee on Racism and Intercuturalism, Dublin

Multiculturalism as an approach to diversity is not just a specific policy but a much wider approach; the multicultural approach encompasses all aspects of society. To this end this workshop tried to illustrate some examples of how this approach has been implemented in a variety of sectors. In particular multiculturalism and the changing nature of modern societies pose a variety of pressures and challenges that are specific to education, the issues of asylum seekers and refugees, and how societies combat racism. Other examples include the role of the media and law enforcement in fostering respect for diversity. For an outline of the major challenges and questions which arose during the LILP stream please see Multiculturalism and Diversity, the occasional paper.

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