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INCORE: Policy and Evaluation: LILP

LILP Publications Listing

  • INCORE Working Paper: Single Identity Work: An approach to conflict resolution in Northern Ireland. (pdf, 670kb)
    by Cheyanne Church, Anna Visser and Laurie Johnson

  • Single Identity Work
    By Cheyanne Church and Anna Visser

  • Civil Society in Transition and the Role of Civic Forums
    By Cheyanne Church and Anna Visser

  • Multiculturalism and Diversity
    By Cheyanne Church and Anna Visser

  • Flashpoint Summary

  • Handbook for Conflict Resolution Trainers and Facilitators working Internationally
    Working internationally can offer immense personal satisfaction, exciting experiences and new opportunities. International work can also bring new challenges and frustrations to the most experienced trainer/facilitator. This publication is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather offer summaries of the key issues involved in working internationally. It aims to give trainers and facilitators who are considering working in international contexts an introduction to some of the issues and challenges that they may find themselves facing. (Hard copy available on request)

  • Canadian Language and Cultural Policies - a model of multiculturalism for Northern Ireland?
    By Dr Tony Langlois of the Community Relations Council. This paper was written as a result of an exchange visit organised by the LILP Project.

  • Uni-National Peace Education Work in Israel/Palestine
    A paper developed by the IPCRI delegation to the LILP symposium

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