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About INCORE Conflict Resolution & Evaluation Meeting - 4-5 July 2002

The Conflict Resolution & Evaluation (CRE) Meeting was an outcome of INCORE's project Conflict Resolution Evaluation: The State of the Art. The CRE Meeting was designed to further the thinking and practice of evaluation methodology in the field of conflict resolution and fed directly into INCORE's two publications on conflict resolution evaluation.

  • The Evaluation of Conflict Resolution Interventions: Framing the State of Play
  • The Evaluation of Conflict Resolution: Part II: Emerging Practice and Theory


Participants were carefully selected according to:

  • their expertise and experience in conflict resolution evaluation
  • the need to ensure balanced representation of funders, practitioners and evaluators
  • the need to ensure the diverse make-up of the group as regards nationality, country experience and gender.


Before the CRE Meeting, participants engaged in a three stage Pre-Meeting process, designed to maximise the input of participants and tailor the working group.

  • Stage 1: Participants' objectives, areas of experience and suggested topics for discussion were identified through email correspondence. This helped generate the agenda for the working group meeting.
  • Stage 2: Participants were asked to submit short comments on a specific subject or area of specialisation. This provided a basis for the working group discussion sessions and enabled participants to share their expertise.
  • Stage 3: A draft copy of INCORE's research document Evaluation of Conflict Resolution Interventions: Framing the State of Play was circulated to all participants for comments and suggestions. This created a common ground to which participants could both refer and respond to during the working group meeting.


The agenda of the CRE Meeting was both inclusive and flexible. Participants were invited to attend the discussion sessions of their choosing.

Each discussion session related to one of the following three themes:

  • Impact
  • Conducting CR Evaluations
  • Utilisation of Evaluation


Summaries of each discussion session are available, arranged according to theme. These are purposefully brief and are designed to highlight the key questions and issues raised by the working group.


At the close of the CRE Meeting seventeen participants completed a Participant Feedback Questionnaire. A detailed analysis of this feedback is available. The document pays particular attention to:

  • What participants found most useful about the CRE Meeting
  • How the CRE Meeting could have been improved
  • What participants learned from the CRE Meeting
  • How participants think the debate about conflict resolution evaluation should be continued with policy makers, practitioners and funders.

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