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There is currently considerable interest in, and rapid development of, approaches to evaluating programmes and projects which address conflict situations. Different methods meet the needs and complexities of different situations and hence there is scope for a variety of approaches.

This section provides links to a range of evaluation methods and completed evaluations which have arisen within the conflict resolution field and other disciplines, such as international development.


  • Action Evaluation Project
    The Action Evaluation Research Institute offers a new method of evaluation which focuses on defining, monitoring, and assessing success. This site also offers an insight into projects and successful stories.
  • Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Assistance (ALNAP)
    The ALNAP's Reports Database contains evaluation reports of other agencies.
    Bibliographic records for all of the documents in the collection are available from the public database.
  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
    The CIDA compendium has a section on 'Measuring Results', which includes methodological approaches. CIDA has implemented a Results-Based Management Policy (RBM) - a means of improving management effectiveness and accountability. A search for RBM provides a list of RBM reports and guides which deal with the concept of RBM as well as some case studies.
    Danida has an on-line publication entitled 'Evaluation Guidelines' which deals with definitions, types of evaluation, the evaluation process, methods and making use of evaluation.
    ELDIS is a Gateway to Information Sources on Development and the Environment. Within the 'pick an issue' drop down menu there are sections on completed project evaluation and participatory evaluation, which includes methods, tools and manuals and case studies.
  • Humanity Development Library
    A search of the Humanity Development Library by 'Participatory Impact Monitoring' results in a number of relevant works. These include papers on the concept of participatory impact monitoring.
  • Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM)
    In the 'information about' section on the IDPM homepage there are publications online. These publications include those on peacebuilding and complex emergencies. These working papers address research methodology and case studies of the roles of NGOs in peacebuilding.
  • International Development Research Center (IDRC)
    The IDRC's Peacebuilding and Reconstruction Program has a publications sections which includes papers on impact assessment.
  • World Bank Evaluation Unit
    The Evaluation Unit conducts evaluations of World Bank Institute activities. The site includes evaluation methodology tools, handbooks, lessons and good practices.


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