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DiA Seminar Series


The DiA seminar series focused on issues relevant to members of minority ethnic communities and provided the opportunity for focused interaction between majority and minority communities; policymakers and community practitioners.

Not just another election seminar....

The first seminar of the DiA project took place on Tuesday 27th February 2007, at SEEDS, One World Centre. The theme of the event was around minority ethnic communities and their participation in registering/voting in the elections. The main speakers were Dr Paul Hainsworth, University of Ulster, Patricia Mullan, Electoral Office and Louise Brennan, An Munia Tober. The event provided the opportunity for participants to discuss issues such as the level of minority ethnic involvement in the NI democratic process; why the minority ethnic sector should vote; how we can increase the levels of participation. For notes of the event click here

Ethnic Minorities and the media

The second seminar took place on Wednesday 25th April, in the Seminar Room, MI022, Aberfoyle House, University of Ulster, Magee Campus. The event focused on media coverage of the minority ethnic sector. Participants heard from Deirdre Donnelly from Radio Foyle, Gail Baylis from the Centre for Media Research, University of Ulster and Catherine Reilly from Metro Eireann. This event provided the opportunity to discuss the role of the media in their portrayal of the minority ethnic sector and the impact of this. The event was very successful and as a result the Diversity In Action project will organise a larger scale event regarding media issues, later this year. For notes of the event click here

Ethnic Minorities and community safety

The third seminar took place on Wednesday 27th June at the One World Centre, Foyle Street, Derry/Londonderry. The theme of this seminar was all about community safety. Participants heard from a representative from the PSNI who talked about safety, reporting of hate crimes, the Hate Incident Practical Action Scheme and also road safety, and the recent changes to legislation. We also heard from Mena Heaney, Derry City Council, Community Safety Partnership; Nuala McNally from Unltd and Eileen Chan-hu, Ethnic Minorities Project, Ballymena Community Forum. There was an opportunity for participants to voice their concerns and identify the safety issues of greatest importance to members of the minority ethnic community. For notes of the event click here

Elected Representatives and Minority Ethnic Communities in Northern Ireland

This seminar took place in collaboration with the Elected Representatives & Minority Ethnic Communities in NI research project, coordinated by Dr Aidan McGarry, University of Ulster, on Tuesday 12th February 2008. The aim of the seminar was to present initial research findings and provide the opportunity for minority ethnic communities to discuss pertinent issues with elected representatives in a constructive manner. Participants heard from Councillor Barry Monteith, Mayor of Dungannon and Eileen Chan-hu, Director, Chinese Welfare Association. For notes of the event click here

For a copy of the Elected Representatives & Minority Ethnic Communities in NI research report click here

Participant evaluations

‘Well done, more of this!’
‘Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Some very interesting points made.'

‘..I have learned many new things and new ideas.’

‘I found the seminar informative.'

'An excellent and well-organised seminar'.
'Gained a good deal of knowledge as to what is being done in other areas with regard to other communities who live and work in Northern Ireland.'

DiA is funded by the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation within Measure 2:1, Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace, via the European Directorate of the Community Relations Council.

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