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Current Holder: Professor John Hume

Nobel Laureate John Hume is the current holder of the Tip O’Neill Chair in Peace Studies, currently funded by The Ireland Funds. The Chair was inaugurated by then-US President Clinton during his visit to Northern Ireland in November 1995.

The appointment of Professor Hume to this Chair marks both a milestone and a benchmark in the Irish peace process. A founding father of the SDLP, he has now stepped back, handing the baton to a younger generation of leaders whose task will be to consolidate the peace process realised by his vision.

Professor Hume will share his wisdom and experience with others in Ireland and further afield - publishing his reflections on politics and peacemaking, contributing to the international dialogue on peacemaking and providing a focal point for distinguished visiting academics and politicians.

On accepting the appointment, Professor Hume said:

I am honoured and privileged to serve in a position associated with Tip O’Neill.  He was a man who helped encourage me not only politically but in terms of inward investment and I am delighted to accept this role’.

Professor Hume’s dedication to the improvement of education and economic regeneration of the North-West are well documented and this role will help enhance these causes......

Peace Lectures

Professor Hume’s tenure has been notable for an array of high-profile Peace Lectures given by prominent global policymakers involved in peace and conflict issues.

These have included former US President Bill Clinton and the triumvirate of leaders of the three political institutions of the EU – Commission President Romano Prodi, Parliament President Pat Cox and Council President Taoiseach Bertie Ahern– whose lectures were given in the days and weeks preceding EU enlargement on May 1 2004........

About the Tip O'Neill Chair

The Tip O'Neill Chair in Peace Studies is funded by the American Ireland Funds to commemorate the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives - who was well known for his support for the cause of peace in Northern Ireland.

The Tip O'Neill Chair in Peace Studies is awarded to a person of great distinction: a peacemaker, academic or statesperson of world-wide eminence.

The activities and organization of the Tip O’Neill Chair are co-ordinated by the Tip O’Neill Chair in Peace Studies Project Board......

Previous Chairholders:

  • Cedric Thornberry.....
  • Roelf Meyer.....


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