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About Internships at INCORE

Description: IMG_0531.jpgINCORE Internships are intended for graduate students, recent graduates or young professionals with some exposure to, and demonstrated interest in, peace and conflict-related work or study. Normally, applicants should:

  • have a minimum 2.1 Hons degree or equivalent;
  • be enrolled in, or be a recent graduate of, a postgraduate programme focused on peace and conflict issues; and
  • demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in this field.

INCORE accepts internship applications from a variety of disciplines in light of the multifaceted challenges of examining and addressing peace and conflict issues, including (but not limited to) political studies, anthropology; history, legal studies, gender studies, psychology, education, and media.

INCORE aims to increase the intern’s practical understanding of contemporary peace and conflict issues, and the role of applied research in building peace and in addressing violent conflict. Interns are expected to participate in INCORE activities to the greatest extent possible.
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The internship programme is part of INCORE’s  commitment to the development of applied peace research capacities.  At the same time, it recognizes the considerable benefit received over the years from the outstanding students, graduates, and professionals who have served as interns. See the list of interns here.

The relationship between INCORE and the intern is mutually-beneficial. Interns are assigned to a unit or project within INCORE according to our needs, and the intern’s own areas of interest and expertise.

Interns are assigned to a specific supervisor who is responsible for providing them with a job description and workplan. An intern should not spend any more than 40% of their time on administrative or clerical duties unless the internship is oriented in this way.

Internships generally last from 3-6 months. There is scope for shorter and longer placements – the duration of which can be negotiated depending on the requirements and means of both INCORE and the applicant.
Please note that all INCORE internships are unpaid and that we usually recruit between 4-6 interns per annum.

We have a particular need for interns from January to June.  Interns are recruited for the summer months only when there is a specific need for their services.

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  • For Information on applying for an internship at INCORE, click here.
  • For a list of frequently asked question about internships, click here.
  • You can also read about previous and current interns at INCORE
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